Eric Schaefer was born and raised in Fargo, ND.  He attended Montana State University earning a Masters of Architecture in 1999.  Having little construction experience and a belief that the architect should know how to build, he began an internship with William Massie.  He donned a tool belt for the next seven years and spent the bulk of his time on construction sites, from residential work to art installations around the world.  Eric was the project team leader for the 2002 PS-1 Young Architects Program (MoMA) winner "Playa Urbana".


In 2006 he transitioned to the role of Construction Manager for GLUCK+.  In this capacity Eric managed high-end, large scale residential projects and project teams.  The challenges were unique, demanding, and gave him extrodinary experience in all facets of ground up construction from excavation through custom funiture.   Through these projects he was given the opportunity to work directly with several artists integrating their works into ongoing projects. 


Eric started S6 Design Group in 2014 with a vision of continued work in the challenging and unique world of sculpture and art.  His passion for making, fluid understanding of the building process, and vast knowledge of the industry have proven to be valuable and exciting for him.


He currently resides in Duxbry, Massachusetts with his wife and children.